The importance of senior living communities for an aging population.

The broad concept of senior housing or senior living has gained immense popularity among todays aging population. Many more people are becoming seniors and reaching their retirement age. The concept of a retirement community makes sense for seniors who are looking for convenient and comfortable housing facility for themselves. There are a large number of benefits of senior living facilities including peace of mind, stress relief, and overall social enjoyment being around their peers.


Senior living is the best option for individuals who have reached their retirement age as it provides them an opportunity of changing their living arrangement so that they can live in a senior residential community. The accommodations are affordable and comfortable as you have the option of selecting from the different living options like one bedroom, two bedroom or studio apartments.

Our community recommendations –

For senior living in the Seattle metro area we recommend Normandy Park Senior Living for its fantastic facilities and great staff.

Cost of Living

Regardless of the kind of apartment you select, you will have to pay a nominal amount of money, usually ranging between $2000/month on the low end and $5000 a month on the higher end. In most cases all utilities and maintenance is included and taken care of by the staff of the facility and you will not have to worry about fixing things like a broken water heater, mowing the lawn or shoveling the driveway as most people are used to in their current living situation.

Health and Wellness

Most retirement community staff provide ample care and you will not have to worry about all the activities of daily living. They prepare nutritious and healthy foods without the need for you to worry about shopping for groceries or preparing meals. When you eat your meals together with the other seniors, it also helps in improving your social well being as it is the best social opportunity for you to meet new people. This kind of facility provides you a healthy social aspect for making friends and interacting with other seniors through the social activities that are organized by the staff members of the facility. With the help of this constant interaction, your quality of life can be enhanced so that you can live with less stress and more peace of mind.

When you are living in a senior living facility with enhanced facilities or memory care, you will not have to worry about your medical needs as there are well experienced and skilled doctors and nurses for taking care of you. In-house medical care is the best option for seniors with any kind of age related health problems so that you will be looked after in the best manner.